A New Galactic Center Adventure in Virtual Reality

Christopher Russell,  Baltasar Luco, Jorge Cuadra, and Miguel Sepúlveda

  • A new visualization, “Galactic Center VR,” features simulations of material streaming toward the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole known as Sgr A*.
  • Users can experience the last 500 years of cosmic evolution in this area in a free virtual reality program.
  • Blue and cyan show the simulation’s X-ray emission from hot gas due to the supersonic wind collisions observed by Chandra.
  • By providing a six-degrees-of-freedom (“6dof”) VR experience, the user can look and move in any direction they choose.

More information: @ NASA Press release with video.
Reference: Russell, C. et al. 2017, MNRAS, 464, 4958, arXiv:1607.01562

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