The ShapeX desktop

ShapeX is a 3D interactive morpho-kinematic modeling software package for astrophysics. Since 2006 it has been used in over 150 research papers as well as a number of BSc-, MSc- and PhD-Thesis. It has been used to create the model for the first ever 3D-printed nebula, the Homunculus in Eta-Carinae and other outreach and press release visualizations.

Since the last release, ShapeX has been revamped considerably. In particular, the user interface (UI) and the rendering algorithms have seen changes.

  • New modules and modifiers help with the workflow
  • New manual & website help the user to get started
  • There is a user forum to ask questions, share tips & tricks, propose features
  • Installers are available for Windows, MacOSX, Linux RPM & Debian

For more information on ShapeX and to download the software go to the website and user manual.

Nico Koning & Wolfgang Steffen