Future Trends in the Art Industry: Exploring Sitting on Chrome and the Influence of Low

Potential Future Trends in the Art Industry: A Deep Dive into “Sitting on Chrome: Mario Ayala, rafa esparza, and Guadalupe Rosales”


The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) recently held an exhibition titled “Sitting on Chrome: Mario Ayala, rafa esparza, and Guadalupe Rosales,” showcasing the works of three influential artists from Los Angeles. This exhibition explores the themes of lowrider culture, hybridity, and the recontextualization of Chicanx art. The artists use various mediums such as sculptures, installations, and archival practices to create a profound emotional impact on the viewers. This article will analyze the key points of the text, delve into potential future trends related to these themes, and provide unique predictions and recommendations for the art industry.

Lowrider Culture as a Source of Inspiration

The exhibition “Sitting on Chrome” pays homage to lowrider culture, a style of custom car that emerged as a postwar emblem of Chicanx culture. Lowrider cruising has been a significant part of communal gatherings and resistance against policing in brown communities in California. The artists’ use of glittering finishes, bombastic colors, and airbrushed surfaces in their works mirrors the aesthetics of lowriders.

Prediction 1: The influence of subcultures like lowrider culture will continue to inspire artists in their exploration of identity, resistance, and alternative narratives. Artists will continue to appropriate elements from these subcultures in their works, using them as tools for social commentary and self-expression.

Hybridity and Recontextualization

All three artists emphasize the importance of hybridity in their work, challenging existing stereotypes and genres. Their recontextualization of the lowrider’s abstracted parts creates a specific emotional connection with viewers who recognize the cultural and historical references. By mixing disparate genres and subjects, these artists defy the standardized European canon and build a new language for their work.

Prediction 2: The trend of hybridity and recontextualization will continue to flourish in the art industry. Artists will break free from traditional categorizations and blend different mediums, styles, and narratives to create multifaceted pieces that challenge dominant narratives and engage viewers on a deeper level.

The Importance of Archival Practice

Guadalupe Rosales’s archival practice, showcased through her popular Instagram accounts documenting ’90s Chicano youth culture, has been a catalyst for reconsidering history and creating new narratives. Her installations and sculptures combine the preservation of artifacts with the processing of memory and grief, creating a transformative experience for viewers.

Prediction 3: Archival practices will become increasingly relevant in the art industry as a means of preserving marginalized histories and challenging dominant narratives. Artists will utilize digital platforms, social media, and physical installations to engage with audiences and encourage dialogue around cultural heritage.

The Power of Performance Art

Rafa esparza’s performance art explores themes of futurism, hybridity, and Indigenous iconography. His performances have a deep emotional impact on viewers and challenge Eurocentric traditions. Through his collaborations with other artists, he creates immersive experiences that combine sculpture, storytelling, and intimate interaction.

Prediction 4: Performance art will continue to gain prominence in the art industry as an accessible and engaging medium for both artists and viewers. Artists will use performance art to break down barriers, challenge conventions, and create meaningful connections with audiences.


The exhibition “Sitting on Chrome: Mario Ayala, rafa esparza, and Guadalupe Rosales” showcases the potential future trends in the art industry. The fusion of lowrider culture, hybridity, archival practices, and performance art creates a powerful and transformative experience for viewers. As the art world evolves, artists will continue to push boundaries, challenge dominant narratives, and engage with audiences on a deeper level. It is essential for the industry to embrace these trends and support artists who are redefining what art can be.


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