Evolution of the Art Industry: Embracing Diversity, Recognizing Overlooked Artists,

The potential future trends related to the themes in the text provide opportunities for the art industry to evolve and adapt to changing times. These key themes include the artist’s background and influences, the importance of recognition and appreciation for their contributions, and the role of institutions in highlighting and promoting artists’ work.

1. Embracing Diversity and Cultural Identity

The fact that Kim Lim was born in Singapore to Chinese parents adds a unique perspective to her artwork. In the future, there will likely be a growing interest in artists from diverse cultural backgrounds who bring their own traditions and experiences into their work. This will lead to a more inclusive art industry that values and celebrates cultural identity.


  • Art institutions and galleries will actively seek out artists from diverse backgrounds to ensure a more representative and dynamic art scene.

2. Recognizing Overlooked Contributions

While Kim Lim studied fine art at Central Saint Martin’s and had notable teachers, her contribution to abstraction in Britain has been somewhat overlooked. In the future, there will be a greater focus on acknowledging and appreciating artists whose contributions may have been overshadowed by more well-known figures.


  • Art historians and curators will conduct more extensive research to uncover overlooked artists and their significant contributions to various art movements.
  • Exhibitions and retrospectives will be organized to bring attention to these overlooked artists, giving them the recognition they deserve.

3. Role of Institutions in Promoting Artists

The survey of Kim Lim’s works at the Hepworth Wakefield demonstrates the crucial role that institutions play in promoting artists’ work. In the future, institutions will continue to hold exhibitions and provide platforms for artists to showcase their creations.


  • Art institutions will collaborate with artists to curate exhibitions that focus on their individual styles and contributions to the art world.
  • More support will be provided to emerging artists through grants, residencies, and mentorship programs, helping them gain recognition and exposure.


The potential future trends in the art industry indicate a shift towards inclusivity, recognition of overlooked artists, and increased support from institutions. By embracing diversity, acknowledging overlooked contributions, and actively promoting artists, the industry can foster a more vibrant and representative art scene.


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