Title:Industrial Internet of Things Intelligence Empowering Smart Manufacturing: A Literature Review

Abstract:The fiercely competitive business environment and increasingly personalized customization needs are driving the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. IIoT intelligence, which can provide innovative and efficient solutions for various aspects of the manufacturing value chain, illuminates the path of transformation for the manufacturing industry. It is time to provide a systematic vision of IIoT intelligence. However, existing surveys often focus on specific areas of IIoT intelligence, leading researchers and readers to have biases in their understanding of IIoT intelligence, that is, believing that research in one direction is the most important for the development of IIoT intelligence, while ignoring contributions from other directions. Therefore, this paper provides a comprehensive overview of IIoT intelligence. We first conduct an in-depth analysis of the inevitability of manufacturing transformation and study the successful experiences from the practices of Chinese enterprises. Then we give our definition of IIoT intelligence and demonstrate the value of IIoT intelligence for industries in fucntions, operations, deployments, and application. Afterwards, we propose a hierarchical development architecture for IIoT intelligence, which consists of five layers. The practical values of technical upgrades at each layer are illustrated by a close look on lighthouse factories. Following that, we identify seven kinds of technologies that accelerate the transformation of manufacturing, and clarify their contributions. Finally, we explore the open challenges and development trends from four aspects to inspire future researches.