Taylor Anton White, a talented artist known for his captivating artwork, recently opened a solo show titled “Meat Dream” at L21 Gallery in Mallorca. White’s work has garnered much attention over the years, with many admiring his ability to give form to fleeting memories and delve into the suppressed mania that lies beneath the surface of Western homes.

The Themes of Crisis and Triumph

White’s art revolves around themes of crisis and triumph, capturing moments of momentum and confinement, and exploring the complexities of lust and lassitude. The juxtaposition of these contrasting emotions creates a captivating narrative within his artwork.

In his work, White finds stillness by recording arguments through the process of painting and drawing. This introspective approach allows him to tap into his childhood memories, such as the vivid imagery of his freezer filled with popsicles and secret passageways. These nostalgic elements add an intimate touch to his art, evoking a sense of personal connection and relatability.

Potential Future Trends

White’s unique style and thought-provoking exploration of hidden emotions set the stage for potential future trends within the art industry. Here are some key predictions and recommendations:

1. Exploration of Subconscious Realities

Building upon White’s theme of suppressed mania, artists may further delve into the exploration of subconscious realities. The human mind has countless layers that often go unnoticed or unexplored. Artists can use their creative expression to shed light on these hidden aspects, provoking thought and opening doors to new perspectives.

2. Embracing Nostalgia

White’s use of childhood memories serves as a powerful tool to evoke emotions and create connections with the audience. This could pave the way for artists to further embrace nostalgia in their work. Nostalgia has a universal appeal and can evoke a range of emotions, from joy and comfort to melancholy and longing. Incorporating nostalgic elements can provide a gateway for viewers to reflect on their own past experiences.

3. Hybrid Art Forms

As technology continues to advance, artists may experiment with hybrid art forms that integrate traditional mediums with digital elements. This fusion of analog and digital art can create dynamic and immersive experiences for viewers. By pushing the boundaries of traditional art techniques, artists can harness the power of technology to enhance their storytelling and engage with viewers in innovative ways.


Taylor Anton White’s “Meat Dream” exhibition at L21 Gallery showcases the artist’s ability to capture the essence of crisis and triumph, unveiling the hidden complexities beneath everyday life. White’s work serves as a catalyst for potential future trends within the art industry. The exploration of subconscious realities, embracing nostalgia, and experimenting with hybrid art forms are exciting prospects that can push the boundaries of artistic expression. By embracing these trends, artists can forge new paths, provoke thought, and create immersive experiences for their audience.

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