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This year, Larry Gagosian will be hosting an exhibition in his Los Angeles gallery titled “Made on Market Street.” The exhibition will feature work by Jean Michel Basquiat that was created during his time in Venice Beach in the early 1980s. While Basquiat is known for his association with New York’s art scene, Gagosian argues that his time in Los Angeles was a critical period in his life and art. Gagosian, who was a relatively new art dealer at the time, recognized Basquiat’s talent and brought him to Los Angeles for his first show on the West Coast. Basquiat quickly became a fixture in the city’s club and music scene but always remained focused on his work. During his time in Venice Beach, Basquiat created 70 to 80 paintings that represented a new way of painting. The upcoming exhibition, “Made on Market Street,” showcases some of Basquiat’s best works from this period.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a series of silk-screen works co-organized by Fred Hoffman, who met Basquiat through Gagosian. Tuxedo, one of the works from that series, stands out for its use of stark black and white imagery, in contrast to Basquiat’s normally colorful works. This piece reflects Basquiat’s desire to question social and cultural assumptions about identity. Another notable painting in the exhibition is Hollywood Africans, which depicts Basquiat and his friends touring Hollywood and imagining themselves as the new Black Hollywood celebrities. The exhibition also features loans from various museums and private collections around the world.

Gagosian and Hoffman have been planning this show for quite some time, as they believe it highlights an important period in Basquiat’s career that is often overlooked. Basquiat’s time in Los Angeles allowed him to experiment with new artistic styles and engage with the vibrant culture of the city. Gagosian views his relationship with Basquiat during this period as a significant moment in his own career as an art dealer. “Made on Market Street” aims to shed light on Basquiat’s talent beyond his branding and commercial success.

Overall, the exhibition “Made on Market Street” presents an opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore Basquiat’s lesser-known works from his time in Los Angeles. It emphasizes the importance of this period in Basquiat’s life and shows how it influenced his artistic development. The exhibition serves as a reminder that artists can find inspiration and create significant work outside of their usual environments. It also showcases the influence of Los Angeles’ cultural scene on Basquiat’s art. Visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to appreciate Basquiat’s unique talent and perhaps gain a deeper understanding of his artistic journey.


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