Potential Future Trends in the Art Industry

Painting has evolved significantly over the past decade, with artists exploring various techniques and subject matters. One particular trend that has emerged is the juxtaposition between movement and still-life work. Erin Wright, a contemporary artist, takes this trend to the next level by challenging traditional notions of still-life through her aerial views and side-eye perspectives.

In her solo exhibition, The Host, The Thief, The Wives, and Their Lovers, currently on display at Sow & Tailor in Los Angeles, Wright explores the theme of the dinner party in an unconventional way. This exhibition showcases her unique approach to capturing stillness while simultaneously defying expectations.

The Rise of Mixed-Media Explorations

One potential future trend in the art industry is the continued growth of mixed-media explorations. Artists like Wright are pushing boundaries by combining different mediums and materials to create visually compelling artworks. This trend allows for greater experimentation and creativity, as artists can explore new techniques that were previously unexplored.

With advancements in technology and the availability of a wide range of artistic materials, artists are no longer limited to traditional painting techniques. They can incorporate digital elements, found objects, and unconventional materials into their works, creating unique visual experiences for viewers.

Expanding Perspectives on Still-Life

Another potential future trend in painting is the shifting perspectives on still-life. Traditionally, still-life paintings depicted inanimate objects arranged on a table or other surfaces. However, artists like Wright are challenging this notion by presenting still-life from different angles and viewpoints.

Wright’s aerial views and side-eye perspectives offer a fresh take on still-life, inviting viewers to see familiar objects from a new and unexpected perspective. This trend opens up possibilities for artists to experiment with different viewpoints, breaking away from the conventions of traditional still-life compositions.

Exploring Cultural and Social Themes

In addition to innovative techniques and perspectives, future trends in painting also involve the exploration of cultural and social themes. Artists like Wright are using their artworks to address important issues and spark conversations about contemporary society.

Although Wright’s exhibition at Sow & Tailor is centered around the dinner party theme, her works delve deeper into the dynamics of power, social relationships, and identity. This trend of using art to explore cultural and social themes is likely to continue, as artists aim to create meaningful and thought-provoking experiences for viewers.

Predictions and Recommendations

Considering these potential future trends in the art industry, it is evident that the realm of painting will continue to evolve and defy expectations. Artists should embrace the possibilities offered by mixed-media explorations, experimenting with unconventional materials and techniques.

Furthermore, painters should challenge the traditional notions of still-life by exploring different perspectives and viewpoints. This can be achieved through aerial views, unconventional angles, and alternative compositions. By pushing boundaries and presenting familiar subjects in new ways, artists can captivate audiences and keep the art scene fresh and exciting.

Lastly, artists should not shy away from addressing cultural and social themes in their works. Art has the power to provoke emotions and incite discussions, making it a valuable tool for raising awareness and fostering social change. By utilizing their creativity to shed light on important issues, artists can contribute to a more engaged and socially conscious society.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

In conclusion, the future of painting holds exciting possibilities. Artists like Erin Wright are already paving the way by challenging traditional techniques and subject matters. By embracing mixed-media explorations, expanding perspectives on still-life, and exploring cultural and social themes, painters can ensure a dynamic and impactful future for the art industry.


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