Frieze Los Angeles opened its fifth edition to VIPs on Thursday at the Santa Monica Airport. The fair, although slightly smaller than usual with 95 exhibitors, was abuzz with activity on VIP day and continued to attract attention on its first day open to the public on Friday.

The presence of major figures such as celebrities, collectors, and dealers added to the excitement, with impressive artworks on display and healthy sales reported. In fact, Marc Payot, president of Hauser & Wirth, shared that this year’s first day at Frieze LA was their most successful since the fair’s inception.

To get a better sense of the atmosphere and energy at LA’s most important fair, we took a camera and explored the exhibition.

The Rise of Frieze Los Angeles

Frieze Los Angeles has quickly established itself as a prominent event in the art world since its launch. The fair’s ability to attract renowned figures, generate substantial sales, and showcase impressive artworks indicates a promising future.

With each edition, Frieze LA continues to expand its reach and influence. The event’s growth is evident in the increasing number of exhibitors and the continued interest from both artists and art enthusiasts.

Artistic Diversity

Frieze LA stands out for its commitment to showcasing artistic diversity. The fair includes a broad range of artists from different backgrounds and mediums, providing a platform for underrepresented voices.

This focus on diversity contributes to the fair’s appeal among both collectors and visitors. It allows for the exploration of various artistic perspectives and encourages a more inclusive art market.

The Power of VIP Preview Days

VIP preview days have become a crucial component of art fairs worldwide, and Frieze LA is no exception. These exclusive days allow collectors and VIPs to have first access to artworks and engage with dealers and artists directly.

The presence of major figures, celebrities, and influential collectors during the VIP preview days adds buzz and prestige to the fair. It also creates a sense of urgency among visitors to visit the fair during these early days to experience the excitement firsthand, potentially driving up sales.

The Future of Frieze Los Angeles

Based on Frieze LA’s continued success and growing influence, several potential future trends can be predicted:

  1. Expansion of exhibitors: Frieze LA will likely continue to expand the number of exhibitors, accommodating more galleries and artists from around the world.
  2. Increase in curated sections: The fair may introduce curated sections or special exhibitions to offer curated experiences and attract a wider audience.
  3. Technological integration: Frieze LA might incorporate more technology-driven elements, such as virtual reality (VR) exhibitions or online viewing rooms, to reach a larger global audience.
  4. Further emphasis on diversity: Frieze LA will likely continue to prioritize diversity by featuring more artists from marginalized communities and exploring themes of inclusivity and social activism.
  5. Collaborations and partnerships: The fair may forge collaborations with other prominent art institutions, museums, or cultural events to create synergies and further enhance its reputation.

Recommendations for the Industry

Based on the trends observed and predicted, here are recommendations for the industry:

  1. Embrace digital platforms: Art institutions and galleries should utilize technology to create virtual experiences, online exhibitions, and accessible platforms to reach a wider audience.
  2. Promote inclusivity and diversity: Encourage more diversity in art displays and prioritize inclusivity in curatorial decisions to create a more representative and inclusive art scene.
  3. Invest in VIP experiences: Art fairs should continue to enhance the VIP preview days, ensuring a unique and exclusive experience for collectors and influential figures, which drives sales and establishes the fair’s reputation.
  4. Explore collaborations: Art institutions and fairs should actively seek collaborations with other cultural events, museums, or galleries to create enriching experiences and draw diverse audiences.
  5. Support emerging artists: Provide platforms and opportunities for emerging artists, enabling them to showcase their work alongside established names, fostering innovation and growth within the industry.

“Frieze LA has proven its ability to grow and attract major players in the art world. With its commitment to diversity and the power of VIP preview days, the fair is positioned for continued success. By embracing new digital platforms, promoting inclusivity, and seeking collaborations, the art industry as a whole can thrive and adapt to changing trends and audience preferences.”