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The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is renowned for its commitment to fostering artistic dialogue and promoting cultural exchange. As part of this mission, SAM has launched an international residency programme, providing a unique opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in Singapore’s vibrant artistic landscape.

A Thriving Cultural Hub

Singapore, a bustling city-state in Southeast Asia, has rapidly transformed into a global cultural hub over the years. Its rich history, diverse ethnic makeup, and strategic geographical location have made it a melting pot of traditions, ideas, and artistic expressions.

From its early days as a British colony, Singapore has embraced the influence of different cultures, weaving them into the fabric of its society. This fusion is evident in the architecture, cuisine, and even art forms that have emerged from the region. The result is a dynamic and multi-faceted artistic scene that constantly evolves and challenges conventions.

Catalyzing Artistic Exchange

Recognizing the importance of international collaboration and artistic exchange in nurturing creativity, SAM has established its residency programme. This initiative aims to bring together artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, fostering a supportive and stimulating environment that nurtures innovation and cross-cultural understanding.

The residency programme at SAM allows artists to immerse themselves in Singapore’s vibrant arts community, providing them with space, resources, and a platform to engage with local artists, curators, and scholars. Through workshops, exhibitions, and open studios, the residency programme enables artists to showcase their work, engage with the public, and contribute to the cultural dialogue taking place within Singapore.

Building on a Legacy

The international residency programme at SAM builds upon Singapore’s rich artistic legacy. The city-state has long been a hub for artistic experimentation, with institutions like the National Gallery Singapore and the ArtScience Museum playing a vital role in promoting and preserving the country’s cultural heritage.

At the same time, SAM recognizes the need to constantly push boundaries and embrace new perspectives. By inviting international artists to participate in its residency programme, SAM seeks to create a platform for cross-cultural collaboration and dialogue, breaking down barriers and fostering a global artistic community.

Embracing the Future of Art

As we stand at the precipice of a new era, art has the power to transcend borders, challenge norms, and ignite conversations that shape the world we live in. The Singapore Art Museum’s international residency programme is not only an opportunity for artists to explore new horizons but also a catalyst for the transformative power of art.

Art has the power to transcend borders, challenge norms, and ignite conversations that shape the world we live in.

– Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)’s international residency programme is opening applications for its third cycle.

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